Natalie Dunne & Shin-Fei Chen
in Trying (Apple TV+)
Delroy Atkinson
in Slow Horses (Apple TV+)
David Isiguzo & Gary Pillai
in Breeders (Sky One)
Ricky Champ
in This is Going to Hurt (BBC)
Ellis Eyres & Delroy Atkinson
in Choose or Die (Netflix)
Nikolai Kinski, Ellis Eyres & Patrick Warner
in Masters of the Air (Apple TV+)
Delroy Atkinson
in The Last Bus (Netflix)
Zahra Ahmadi & Delroy Atkinson
in Dodger (BBC)
Hanneke Talbot
in Transplant Season 2 (NBC)
Kerena Jagpal
in DI Ray (ITV)
Zahra Ahmadi
in The Bay Series 3 (ITV)
David Isiguzo
in You Don't Know Me (BBC 1)
Ricky Champ
in Eastenders (BBC 1)
Mary-Lou McCarthy
in Wolf (Feline Films)
Delroy Atkinson
in It's a Sin (Channel 4/ HBO)
Bhavna Limbachia
in Brassic Series 4 (Sky One)

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Latest News

The Sandman

August 8, 2022
New fantasy drama ‘The Sandman’ is now out on Netflix featuring Innovate’s Shelley Williams playing Eleanor Rubio.

Beyond Paradise

August 3, 2022
Zahra Ahamdi joins the cast of new series Beyond Paradise for BBC One & Britbox. She will be playing series reg, DS Esther Williams.

Trying Series 3

June 23, 2022
Trying Series 3 will be premiering on Apple TV+ on July 22nd featuring our Natalie Dunne & Shin-Fei Chen.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

May 24, 2022
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris will be coming to cinemas this Summer featuring Delroy Atkinson playing the role of Chandler.