Patrick Shearer

Elvis (Warner Bros), Harrow (ABC)

Patrick 's CV

ElvisFeature FilmDJ Dewy PhillipsBaz LuhrmannWarner Bros. Pictures/ Bazmark Films
Henry VI: Days of RebellionStageRichardGemma FairlieBOVTS
Julius Caeser StageCassiusGeoffrey BrumlikBOVTS
The SeagullStageKonstantinDerek BondBOVTS
Harrow TVMax Zoric (Recurring)Tony Tilse, Ioan Grufford, Peter AndrikidisABC Studios/ Hoodlum Entertainment/ Disney +
LungsStageMEmma CallanderBOVTS
Of Mice and MenStageGeorgeJesse RichardsonAd Astra
The Wedding Web Series Zach (Lead)Cameron MarchPi Films
Vincent RiverStageDaveyMichael BehThe Curators
The Ernest tale of FlynneganRadioCaptain Ernest T. FlynneganZane C. WeberThat’s Not Canon Productions
Don't Boo Me I'm Right Short Film Martin (Lead)Brad BurtonHamm Productions
The Wolves that Live in Skin and SpaceFeature Film Joseph (Supporting)Wayne McPheeThe X Collective

Golden Globes

January 12, 2023
Huge congratulations to our clients at the Golden Globes who worked on these three amazing projects. Patrick Shearer for Elvis, Delroy Atkinson in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris & Shin-Fei Chen in The Son.